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oading Instructions. 


1 . Insert the Utopia Game disk into the default disk drive. 

2. Plug your mouse into port 1 . 

3. Turn on your computer and monitor. The game will now load automati- 
cally. Follow the on screen loading prompts for further instructions. 

Atari ST 

1 . Insert your Utopia Game disk into the default disk drive. 

2. Plug your mouse into port 0. 

3. Turn on your computer and monitor. The game will now load automati- 
cally. Follow the on screen loading prompts for further instructions 



Introduction .. 

Quality of Life 
Main World View 


Direction Arrows 

Quality of Life 

Warning Indicators 



Status Indicator Box 

Pause Button 

Map Button 

Finance Button 

Advisers Button 

Industry Button 

Spying Button 

Disk Button 

Constructing a Building 
Arms Lab 
Chemical Plant 
Command Centre 
Flux Pod 

Fuel Tank 
Laser Turret 
Launch Pad 
Life Support 

Living Quarters 

Missile Launcher 
Power Station 
Security HQ 
Ship Construction Yard 
Ship Types 
Solar Panel 
Sports Complex 

Tank Construction Yard 
The Map Screen 

Map Window 

Magnified View Window 

Building Window 

Ore Button 

Fuel Button 

Radar Button 

Movement Indicator Button 

Power Button 

Weapons Button 

Exit Button 



Altering Tax 

Placing Markers 
The Markers Button 
Placing a Marker 
Removing a Marker 


Altering the Research Grant 

Manual Trade 

Senior Psychiatrist 

Colony Administrator 

Head of Research 

Civil Engineer 

Financial Consultant 

Supreme Commander 

Industry Recruiting Technicians 

Alien Races and Spying 
City Defence- 

Deploying Tank Unit 

Deploying Space Ships 

Landing a Ship 
Making a Ship Hover 
Building a Launchpad 

Fuel Usage 

Attacking an Enemy City 

Using Disks... 




Format Game Save Disks 

Save Game 

Load Game 

Load Scenario 


Music Disk Option 

Sound FX On/Off 




Military Grant 
Civilian Grant 
Random Events 




Colony Simulation 

Colony Support 


Trouble Shooting Guide 
Quality of Life 

Bomb Detector 

Compressed Fuel Tanks 

Fusion Cruiser Spaceship 

Fuel Detector 

HDX Missile Launcher 

Hover Tank 

Land Mine 

Long Distance Radar 

Matter Transporter 

Meteor Screen 

Ore Detector 

Space Moss Convenor 

Plasma Gun 

Morgro Hydroponics 

Solar Generator 

Spy Satellite 

Tank Teleport 




'Movement in sector Y6 commander.' 
'What is it?' 

'Unknown. I estimate it to be a number of vehicles travelling at 200 kmh. 
It's in the region of Kamzi City, and they're moving in this direction. ETA 
fifteen minutes.' 

'Assemble the Battle Council in room C6. Get me ground and air recon- 
naissance reports now!' 

Stepping into his office, Pacharelli closed his door and leaned against it, 
taking a deep breath. 'It could be an error in the monitoring equipment', he 
thought. He knew it wasn't. He also knew it wasn't interference, it wasn't 
some of his own craft, and it wasn't a mistake. The attack the colony had 
been expecting for several weeks now seemed to be under way. 

Taking another deep breath, he left his office, and hurried to the lift. 
Coming out of the lift, he cleared his throat, knowing that any wavering in 
his voice might be interpreted as uncertainty. He reached Council Room 6, 
to be met by his assembled council, and numerous computer operators. 

'Air reconnaissance: report' 

'As yet nothing has been sighted. However, spy reports suggest that...' 

'Yes, I've read the reports. Ground reconnaissance: report.' 

'Vehicles now identified as Kamzi assault craft, all heavily armed. New 

ETA: Ten minutes.' 

'Defence, what's the status?' 

'We're on full shield, full radar and all defence turrets are operational. We 

are as prepared as we'll ever be.' 

'Then, council, give me some defence stratagems.' 

Jordans' deep Lurethan brogue filled the room. 'I 
suggest we despatch a squadron of bombers to intercept 
them immediately. That way we can dispose of them and 
avoid unduly worrying the people.' 
'I disagree', interjected Delfi, her aggressive tone 
seeming somewhat misplaced. 'If we intercept them with 
bombers, then we leave the city vulnerable to an air 

attack. Intercepting with tanks at ground level, whilst preparing for an aerial 

battle would strike me as a more intelligent approach.' 

'Engineering, how soon will the spaceships be ready for launch?' 

'Five, maybe ten minutes.' 

'Then it's academic. Red Alert status. Prepare all defences for immediate 

deployment, and also make sure that all evacuation craft are ready for 

immediate use. Council, prepare for battle.' 

'Enemy craft should be in combat range within two minutes. I am projecting 
visual onto main screen now.' 

The screen cleared of the radar map and showed the view from one of the 
reconnaissance cameras mounted outside the city. Five assault craft were 
seen speeding across the ground, the rough terrain causing them no 

'Lieutenant Delfi, magnify one of the craft okay. Engineering, any 

information on those roof mounted missiles?' 
'Nothing as yet, but we will have soon; scanners are showing massive 
amounts of energy being converted on each of the craft, and I suspect that 
the missiles are being prepared for launch at any moment ' 

The five craft all launched their missiles before grinding to a halt, throwing 
up clouds of dust and gravel. Having stopped, they spun on the spot and 
headed back across the desert. 

The screen changed, showing the large plan view of the city again, now 
with five blips heading towards it. In an instant, five more blips appeared, 
this time moving from within the city, to intercept the incoming missiles. As 
they met, four of the blips disappeared, leaving the remaining six to pass 
each other. 

'They must have some sophisticated cloaking device on the missiles to 
enable them to get through. Divert power to all perimeter defences for 
maximum defensive efficiency.' 

'Missile impact any second now.... Full screen on 
predicted perimeter defence...' 
The screen changed again to show the three missiles 
hurtling towards the cities defences. Base turrets were 
showering the missiles with fire, most missing as they 
spun and arced their erratic way onwards. One was hit, 
and exploded into vast plumes of green smoke that, 
heavier than the atmosphere of the planet, slowly fell to 

the surface to form an eerie green fog. 

'What the....' 

'Sensors are indicating a bacteria Commander, and if it reaches any of the 

processors it's going to be in the system in minutes.' 

'Close all processors and go to emergency air supplies. How long do we 


'Fourteen days of air, then we're in trouble.' 

'Commander, the other missile ' 

Pacharelli turned to face the screen to see one of the missiles hit the 
reserve command centre, which then imploded leaving a mass of scaffold- 
ing and wreckage. 

'What the hell happened to defence? How did that missile get through. And 
where's the other?' 

'We've hit the first one, Commander. The second got through because 
according to our monitors and defence, it didn't exist. ' 
'Commander, you're not going to like this; there are four more groups of 
five vehicles heading towards us. ETA on the first group is just five 
minutes. Suggest we order the..' 
'Evacuation of all civilian personnel. Agreed. Immediately.' 

The third wave of missiles was now striking, and the other two were lining 
up to take advantage of the hole that the second wave had so effectively 
made in the colony defences. 

'Commander, we've no chance. There's no way we'll be able to neutralise 
the third wave. They've left us wide open. Unless we evacuate all staff 
now, we'll be dead within the hour.' 

'No. We'll stay and fight. There has to be a way to defeat them.' 
Delfi was annoyed now. 'Commander', she exclaimed, 'With all due 
respect, I don't see why we should all stay here and die just because 
you've got some insane idea of going down with your ship. All civilians are 
evacuated, and if the remaining staff are evacuated now, the odds are we'll 
save at least ninety percent of the colony population.' 

Pacharelli tried to rationalise such an easy and effective 
assault on his city and he couldn't believe that his 
defences had been breached so fast. He hesitated a 
moment , then cleared his throat again. 
'You're right. Signal the evacuation now. Set colony 
auto-destruct for ten minutes.' 


He was, of course, the last to step into the passage leading to the evacua- 
tion craft. Behind him he could hear the sound of his colony being thor- 
oughly destroyed and razed. He stepped into the airlock, awaited the 
signal, and opened the door leading to the evacuation craft. 

A second later, stepping out of the airlock, he was greeted by Livono, his 
friend over many years of work for the Colony Project. Behind Livono, 
people bustled by, carrying out their usual duties. It was as loud as any 
other busy office corridor. 

'Well done Pachie, not a bad display', said Livono, handing Pacharelli a 

'No chance.. I was lousy. One destroyed colony, nine percent casualties. 
No chance. I'll never get the post.' 
'You don't know that yet.' 

'Come off it. I've no chance. What did you manage?' 
'Saved the colony with twelve percent casualties. But it's irrelevant. Yours 
was an entirely different simulation. It was, if I'm not mistaken, pretty much 
the exact circumstances and events leading up to the Evanreisna Sector 
Four catastrophe twenty six years ago.' 
'Nope, can't remember. You'll have to enlighten me.' 
'Okay. The colony was lost there too, but with some differences. The 
Commander decided to stay on and fight, but couldn't figure out why they 
had hit the reserve command centre instead of the active one. As it turned 
out, the reason was so that the command centre, and the council staff, 
could be captured. They used them to access the Colony Program 
computers and provide other information.' Livono paused. 

'As an immediate consequence of the information they managed to extract, 
we lost seventeen neighbouring planets and all the various research 
projects being carried out on them. As an on-going consequence we've lost 
the whole of Sector Four, at a conservative estimate six thousand colo- 
nists, and so far twenty nine planets and still counting. You got away with 

one lost colony and four hundred casualties. Slight 


'All the same, perhaps there is a way of saving the 

colony and going on to destroy the... what are they 

called. ..Kamzis, that's it.' 

Livono thought for a second. "I doubt it. Classic text 

book mess up first time round, that's for sure. C'mon, 

let's have a proper drink.' 



Pacharelli took a deep breath and cleared his throat. He knocked on the 
door, and heard a muffled sound from beyond it. Taking it for assent to 
enter, he pushed the door open to be greeted by a long table, a chair on 
one side, and five on the other, occupied by various high ranking officers 
and division heads. 

'Welcome Commander', said the tall man seated in the middle. Standing, 

he offered an outstretched hand to Pacharelli. 

'Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Senior Colony Project Commander 

Bossuet, this is Senior Colony Social Administrator Torrapan, this is Senior 

Colony Preservation Commander Spiranza....' 

He nodded to each in turn. 

'Senior Colony Psychiatrist Delfi you have already met of course, and 

finally Senior Colony Project Director Coleman.' 

Each nodded in turn as they were introduced, with only Delfi offering a 

'Hello'. Beyond the cursory nods, Bossuet was the first to speak. 

'We were all impressed with your performance yesterday. As you will 

probably know by now, your simulation was based on the facts that we 

know about the Evanreisna disaster.' 

'Yes, I realise that now, but what I'm not certain of to any degree is why 

that particular scenario. I mean, all the others were given colony crises 

scenarios that were self contained.... like collapses of vital systems, or... or 

things like that. It's just that mine was so different from anything that 

anyone else had to do.' Pacharelli paused for a second, and was about to 

continue his questions when Delfi interrupted. 

'Your colony administration skills are beyond question. The work you've 

been doing on the Gata-Epsilon Space Station, and latterly on the 

associated colonies, have left us in no doubt about that. What we didn't 

know about was your battle logic. How you would react to a basic no win 

situation. Your... I hesitate to use the word pig-headed....' 

'I would prefer headstrong.' 

'Quite. Your.. ..headstrong nature is well documented, and commonly 

regarded as one of your more predominant traits. What 

we needed to do was to put you in a situation where it 

was obvious that you would wish to fight to the last to 

defend the colony, but whether you would be able to 

recognise such a no win situation or not, and get out with 

as many people alive and as little physical loss as 


Spiranza spoke next. 


'In the event, you exceeded our expectations, actually saving the second 
highest number of people on that virtual reality simulation ever.' 
'Who saved more?' 

'Me, but that's not the point. You performed more than admirably, and as a 
consequence we are offering you the role of Colony Leader in the pro- 
posed colonisation of the Omicron-Kappa planets orbiting the Rhebus sun. 
'Now this is going to be a difficult task, which involves the colonisation of 
ten planets. Unfortunately, Rhebus is on the edge of the Open Systems, 
and as such, the chances of the Vacullo Federation having outbases there 
are pretty good. This means as well as establishing the colonies, you are 
likely to meet with resistance on some, or even all of the planets as you 
progress. If you decide to decline this opportunity it won't be held against 
you if you apply for another posting later.' 

'Here', said Torrapan, 'is a file containing all the information we have on the 
systems which you might find useful in making your decision.' He handed a 
file to Pacharelli as he stood up. Pacharelli followed suit, and stood. 
'That is all Commander Pacharelli. You must now decide. Good Luck.' 
He shook each of the five outstretched hands in turn, and walked to the 
door. Closing it behind him, he leaned against the wall and allowed his 
head to fall slowly back against the wall. 



This manual is a more in depth guide to playing Utopia, covering all the 
functions available, and indicating how everything can be manipulated to 
suit your game. 

Quality Of Life 

Fig 1 

Main World 

Whilst Utopia is an open ended game, the achievement of a high Quality of 

Life rating can be regarded as your goal. The Quality of Life figure on the 

main screen gives an indication of how the colony is managed, and how 

affluent the colonists perceive themselves to be. Earth will reward medals 

for the maintenance of a high quality of life, once 80% has been sustained 

for a length of time. Similarly, a medal will be awarded at 90%. You can 

regard the achievement of 80% Quality of Life as an indicator of sufficient 

skill to move onto the next scenario. 

There are numerous factors that will influence the 

Quality of Life standing. It will reflect more readily long 

term trends, so do not expect it to start plummeting if 

tax has been increased a little. Similarly, do not think 

that as there has been no immediate change, your 

people are satisfied with the new level of tax. 


jJj&fi»*-* L f 

Morale can be seen as an indicator of your Quality of Life, but only short 
term. Morale is a reflection of the type of things that will affect your colonists, 
but it is a very transient thing: Morale might decline one day, but might rise 
in a month if a brilliant military victory is scored, whereas your Quality of 
Life might not change perceptibly throughout. A rating of current morale is 
available by selecting the Psychiatric Adviser. 


This is where all the action takes place. This window contains your view of 
the planet surface. 

Below is a brief description of each of the functions that will be found on the 
main screen. The more important, or those which lead to sub-sections will 
generally be covered in their own chapter. 


Practically every action in the game is carried out by moving the pointer over 
an object and clicking on it. It will normally appear as a standard arrow 
pointer on screen, but will differ in one important instance: 
Moving the pointer over the display will change it to a flashing yellow 
square. This square indicates where any action instigated will be carried out. 
If, for example, you are in 'Build' Mode, and wish to place a building on the 
planet surface, the square indicates where on the planet surface it would be 
placed. Similarly, should you be in Information Mode, the building which is 
on the flashing square will be the one that information can be obtained on. 

1 Direction Arrows 

These direction arrows allow you to view the different areas of the planet 
surface. Click on the direction arrows with the left mouse button to move the 

display one square in the chosen direction. Click on the 
arrows with the right button to move by six squares. 
Holding the left button down over one of the direction 
arrows will give continuous scrolling until it is released. 

2 Quality of Life 

This is the current Quality of Life indicated as a percent- 


3 Warning Indicators. 

These will warn of certain dangerous situations which might arise. They 
will, however, only appear on the screen when needed. The indicators are: 

■£j- Light Bulb 

' I Your colony has insufficient power and some buildings or functions 
might not work adequately. 

[jETi Running man 

HM A special event has happened somewhere. Click on this to move 

' the display to where it is. Click again to return to your previous 




Knife & Fork 

Your colonists have insufficient food. 


Your colonists have insufficient air/life support. 

4 Currently Available Funds 

This is the money currently available to you. 

5 Date 

The current colony date. 

6 Status Indicator Box 

This shows your current Mode. The Modes available are: 

Red 1' symbol 

You are in Information Mode. 

In Build or Demolish Mode Information Mode can be entered by 

clicking anywhere on the screen with the right mouse button. In 

Information Mode the map can be interrogated by clicking on 

buildings with the left button. The building name will 

then appear in the Message Panel. Some buildings 

have an Information Panel where more information 

is provided, or where the various parameters can be 

altered, (see later) 

Demolish Truck 

You are in Demolish Mode. 


Any Building 

You are in Build Mode. 

This will allow buildings to be placed on the planet surface. How to 

build, and the type of building which can be constructed on the 

planet surface, are described in their own chapter later. 

7 Pause Button 

This pauses the game. Click on it again to continue. Whilst in pause mode 
all sprites stop and no colony simulation takes place. However, several 
information gathering tasks can be performed: 

Scrolling freely about the map. 

Accessing the Advisers. 

Accessing the Map Screen. 

8 Map Button 

This will show the Map Screen. See the separate chapter later. 

9 Finance Button 

This will take you to the financial section of the game. See the separate 
chapter later. 

10 Advisers Button 

This takes you to the adviser section of the simulation. More on this in the 
Advisers chapter. 

1 1 Industry Button 

Will access the section from which the industrial aspects of your colony can 
be manipulated. Again, this section has it's own chapter later. 

12 Spying Button 

The sub section which allows an exploration of the terrain around your 
colony in order to seek out other alien races. See separate chapter on 
spying later. 

13 Disk Button 

Scenarios can be loaded, and partially completed games 
can be loaded and saved in this section. See the 
extensive chapter later. 


14 Demolish Button 

A note on secondary screens. When in a secondary screen or 
Information Panel, the game is paused, which enables a free 
and lengthy examination of the data on the screen/information 


f-^l When the Build Button is clicked on, an Information Panel will be 
LyyJ shown offering the chance of selecting a particular type of building 
that you wish to place on the map. Click on any of the building graphics to 
select that building and the name and cost will then appear. Clicking on the 
arrow button (to the right of Exit) will cycle you through the three screens of 
buildings. In this Information Panel, buildings will change as you succeed in 
inventing new ones. 

When you Exit, the status indicator box on the main screen shows the 
selected building. One can be built by clicking on a free square on the 
display with the left button. As many can be built as required, or as are 

Constructing a building 

When a building is constructed, scaffolding appears on the map where you 
have clicked. Colonists now work to erect the building chosen, which can 
take from one week to four months with an average of one month. It also 
takes a different number of colonists (typically twenty) to finish. The 
scaffolding will change to your chosen building upon completion and will 
become immediately operational. The colonists that have worked on it will 
now be made available for other work. If too much construction is under- 
taken at any one time there will not be enough colonists 
available for employment in this area. An important 
factor in deciding the site of a building is the proximity of 
a Flux Pod is that it is for the delivery of power and 
communication to the construction. No building should 
be more than twelve squares from a Flux Pod and thus, 
if you try to construct a building too far from a Flux Pod, 
an error message will occur. 


The Buildings 

Following is a brief description of each type of building, its purpose, and the 
part that it will play in the development of your colony. 

Arms Lab 

When manned by technicians, this building produces weapons. 

Chemical Plant 

This building extracts fuel from the ground when manned by techni- 
cians. Fuel automatically goes to the Fuel Tanks. The actual output 
from a Chemical Plant depends upon the yield of fuel underneath it. 
Use the Map Screen to locate fuel deposits and try to build on a square 
in close proximity to them. 

Command Centre 

This is critical to the security of your colony. As many can be 
constructed as you like but only one can be active at any time. In an 
enemy attack, the Command Centre will be a primary target, and it is 
therefore good planning to have another ready to take over. If your 
active Command Centre is destroyed for any reason, another is picked 
automatically and made active. Several functions are unobtain able 
without an active Command Centre, but this is left for you to find out. In 
the Command Centre Information Panel, the arrowed button, to the 
right of Exit, toggles the Centre active or inactive. 

Flux Pod 

Surplus power is automatically stored in a Flux Pod, for later use when 
enough power cannot be produced. They also determine where buildings 
sites should be, as all buildings need to be within twelve squares of a 

Flux Pod. The amount each Pod can store and the amount it currently 
holds, is given in an Information Panel when you select the building in 

Information Mode. 

Fuel Tank 

Surplus Fuel is stored here. The Information Panel 
indicates the maximum storage and how much is 
currently being held. There is also an indication of the 
number of Fuel Tanks you possess. 




It is not necessary to have a Hospital but they do assist in improving 
morale and curing disease and any viruses that may attack the colonists. 
You may have as many Hospitals as you wish , the more the better. The 
Information Panel details the number of Hospitals and the medics you 
employ which can be recruited rom the Industry Information Panel. 

The arrowed button to the right of the Exit button allows the birth rate in the 
colony to be altered to the desired rate. It can be None, Low, Medium or 
High. If all births are to be prevented it can be set to None. Obviously this 
is only a temporary measure. Set it to High if you want to provide cash 
bonuses for your colonists to procreate. This ability to affect the birth rate 
will enable you to have an established and stable colony with a good 


Food is grown within special culture environments, relying upon nutrients 
brought in from Earth. Each Hydroponics dome can provide food for one 
hundred people every month. 


When manned by Scientists (recruited from the Industry Information 
Panel), scientific research will occur. (See Research later) Laboratories 
and research need not be invested but you stand to gain special devices 
and weaponry if you do so. 

Laser Turret 

These are used to defend the colony. When built, they enter 'auto-seek' 
mode, continuously rotating in search of a target to fire at. Their range is a 
30 degree conestretching out for about six squares in the direction of the 
barrel, and if an enemy is detected, they will fire upon it at regular intervals 
and enter into 'fixed' mode in the assumption that several enemies are 
attacking from the same direction. A rotating turret can be forced into 'fixed' 
mode by clicking on it with left button when in informa- 
tion mode. 

You may alter the facing of a turret at any time by 
clicking on it with left button, which will rotate it clockwise 
by thirty degrees. Simply keep clicking until it faces the 
desired direction. 


Launch Pad 

These are necessary for the construction and holding of spaceships. 
Though a spaceship can land on any flat piece of land, it is advantageous 
for it to land on a Launch Pad in order for refuelling. Launch Pads are also 
necessary for the construction of spaceships. Tanks can drive freely across 
a Launch Pad so you must ensure that they do not obstruct spaceships 
trying to land. 

Life Support 

This building sucks in the unbreatheable atmosphere of the planet and 
transforms it into oxygen to feed the colony buildings. Each Life Support 
can provide air for four hundred colonists every month, and has a facility to 
store surplus air for later use, though this is not unlimited. Once full, you 
have a reasonable fail-safe against running short of air in the future, for 
example if there are more colonists than the Life Support can supply, or if a 
Life Support is under construction. 

Living Quarters 

Special apartments where all colonists live. Each building provides space 
for fifty colonists. 


When manned by technicians, this building extracts ore from the ground 
which is automatically stored for future use in the construction of tanks and 
spaceships. The actual output from a Mine depends upon the yield of Ore 
underneath it. Use the Map Screen to locate deposits and build on a 
square with ore nearby. 

Missile Launcher 

Each Missile Launcher has a single missile which can be launched by the 
player by clicking on it with the left button when in information mode. An 
Information Panel pops up with a reminder of how many missiles are 
available. The missile will then attempt to locate a target within its range 

and if it cannot do so the Information Panel will inform 
you , and the missile will not be fired. Once it is fired, the 
ground it occupied returns to normal terrain and can be 
built on again. 

If a target is found, a message will confirm this and 
another button will appear next to the Exit button. Simply 
click on this to fire the missile. Once in flight it will home 


in on its target which cannot be altered. If the target is destroyed before the 
missile reaches it, the missile will explode harmlessly in the air. 

Power Station 

This is the main means of generating power for your colony. Every month 
each Power Station will generate 50MW of power. (The power stats on the 
Colony Administrator Information Panel are in MW also.) 


These buildings are crucial for scanning the approach of enemies. Your 
own tanks and spaceships have a special transponder code meaning that 
their position can be located anywhere on the map whether they are in the 
range of Radars or not. Enemies can only be detected within Radar range. 
To see the area of the map covered by your Radars, use the Radar mode 
in the Map Screen. Position the Radars for effective cover, preferably 
without gaps and without overlap. 


This appears on the map whilst a building is being constructed and will 
automatically turn into the desired building when construction time is over. 

Security HQ 

You may wish to build one or more Security HQ's and recruit Security staff 
if crime presents a problem in the colony, (The Senior Psychiatric Adviser 
will give you an indication of crime levels). The numbers employed in 
security to control the crime level must be gauged by you. 

Ship Construction Yard 

Use this building to construct new spaceships of any type. Click on the 
Ship Yard with the left button when in information mode, and an Informa- 
tion Panel appears showing pictures of the different ships tha can be built. 
Click on a picture and the Information Panel will advise of the length of time 
it will take to build that ship. If the number of colonists working in Ship 
Yards is increased (via the Industry Information Panel) 
then the time will therefore decrease. Naturally, the 
larger ships take longer to build. For details on the ships 
see the section entitled Ship types. If you have selected 
a ship but decide not to build one, click on Exit to abort. 
If you want to build the ship, click on the Build button and 
the Yard will then begin to build that ship. 


Each Yard can only build a single ship at any time so several Yards are 
required if you wish to build more than one ship at a time. Clicking on the 
Ship Yard whilst it is constructing a ship brings up an Information Panel 
informing how much construction time is remaining. There is no need to 
keep a constant check on development, as a noise willsound every time a 
ship is completed. 

When the ship has been finished you must have a Launchpad adjacent to 
the Ship Yard, where the ship will appear. If there is no Launchpad, a 
warning message will be received and the Ship Yard can do no further 
work until one is built next to it. The construction of ships requires ore and 
weapons to be in the Stores and messages will warn you if there is 
insufficient materials to build the ship. As soon as materials become 
available then construction on the ship will continue. 

Ship Types 

There are five types of ships (not including the Fusion Cruiser which is 
described in Inventions) listed below, along with a rating one-five of their 
armour and of their offensive strength. Naturally, the more powerful the 
ship, the longer it takes to construct, and the more ore and weapons units it 
requires during the construction. 



Assault Craft 

Solar Panel 

An alternative method of generating power that is cheap 
and quick to build, though each one only generates 
2MW per month. They are also useless during a solar 
eclipse so you may suffer power shortages during such 

Sports Complex 

Your people need rest and relaxation to keep their 


morale high, so it may be advisable to construct Sports Complexes for their 
enjoyment. When you click on a Sports Complex with the left button in 
information mode, an Information Panel appears. 

If you are informed that an event may be called, then to do so click on the 
button next to Exit. The event will open on the first day of the next month 
and will last an entire month. Calling an event boosts the morale of the 
colonists but means that little work is done and therefore industrial output 
may be lowered since everyone is in attendance. Only one event may be 
called in any one month no matter how many Sports Complexes you have, 
but there can only be an event once in every three months. The Sports 
Complex Information Panel gives a reminder of how long before another 
event can be called. 


Various items are stored here automatically and a warning will be given 
when your Stores are full, so that more can be constructed. 

Tank Construction Yard 

This building is used in the construction of new tanks. Unlike the Ship Yard, 
there is no Information Panel, simply recruit colonists into Tank Yards 
using the Industry Information Panel and construction will begin. Tank 
Yards continually construct tanks, automatically beginning another as soon 
as one is finished. Each Tank Yard can only build a single tank at any 
time. Typically, with the maximum number of ten colonists in each Tank 
Yard, it will produce one tank every two or three months. Note: If you want 
to slow or stop tank production you must sack Tank yard Technicians by 
reducing the Required Technicians figure in the Industry Information Panel. 

When the tank has been built it will appear in any free square adjacent 
the Tank Yard. Thus, up to eight tanks may be around a Tank Yard at 
one time. If all eight squares are occupied, you will receive a warning 
message and that yard will perform no more construction until a space 
cleared for the tank to appear into. Remember too, that 
constructing tanks requires ore and weapons to be in 
your Stores. Messages will warn you if you have 
insufficient materials to build the tank, but as soon as 
they become available, construction on the tank will 





Each workshop produces Tech Goods, the amount depends upon how 
many Technicians are employed. Tech Goods serve no purpose to the 
colony and are solely for trading, so the construction of Workshops is not 


Wreckage is formed when either a building is demolished or the enemy 
destroys one. You may clear wreckage by using the 'demolish' option. 


Clicking on the Map Screen button loads the Map Screen. The 
information available is as follows. 



Fig 2 

The Map 


AAAA AAAAA-V-AAAA . X^7 ./ ./ /.AAA/. 




■■■■x-.xxxxx.".- :x. xxxxxxxxxxxxxt 


, w x xx xx xx xx x x xx xx xx xx x x xx x x 

®<x xx xx xx xx xx x x xx xx >" : xx xx xx 
wxvvvxxxxxxxxxxxx."- xxxx 
xi- x^x^xxxxxx"- .vy *■ .:xxx 
x>> :> :>xxx . :x> :xxxx 

IIC ^cx X .xxxxx 




X X .-..-. rt .-. .-. .-. ^^^^^^zt'-^^^^^h 

x x x x x"x xx x :■■ x"x x x x :^^^* 
xx xxH| xxxxx;-: xx xx x x xx x x xx xx xx x ■ x x xx xx xx ^ 


$ " m \i .&¥"$ 

X> vkx^^X^X^XX^. ^X XXXXJ- X 

xx xxx xx xx.x xx xxxxx xxxxx:- ■■■:■: xxxxx .xxxxx ..:■■ xxxx.:- 
xxxxxxx^xx^xxxx^: rxxicxicxxx :xxx^xx^-:xxxx:-r :x>xxx 

:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"xxx .xxxxxxxxxxx> xxxx xxxx xxxx 


:xxxx> .xx^x^xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxV ™x^x^.™xx>?xxxxxxxxxxx 
^XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. xxx"- xx^xXxxxxxxxxxxxx 
jfXXX TCXXX^" :xxxxxxxx XXX xx^xxxxxxxxxxxxx^ 
xxx xxxx ixxxxxxx- :xx x 

■ ■:> xxxxxaxxxxxxxa xxx : 

■^xxxxxxxxxxxx xx> xxxxxxxx 

f vv vv vv vv vv vv vv vv vv vv vv vv vv vv vv 


1 Map Window 

This shows the whole of the planet surface which has 
been cleared for possible colonisation. The planet carries 
on beyond the edges of this boundary, but the entire area 
shown is the area of expansion available to you. 


2 Magnified Display Window 

This window, to the right of the main map, is a plan view of the area 
currently shown in isometric 3D on the main screen. It is also the area 
enclosed in the white square on the main map. Clicking the left mouse 
button on any area of the main map will take the white square to this area, 
and also display this section of the map in the magnified display window. 
When you exit this screen, the area represented in the magnified display 
window is the area of the main map that you will be taken back to . 

Above the magnified display window are two rows of buttons which 
represent the following: 

f-\ 3 Building Button 

LnJ Shows where all the buildings are, and highlights a few you may wish 

to know about, such as Mines and Flux Pods. Scaffolding is also 
shown, and the grey areas indicated when this button is clicked are terrain 

nnfl 4 Ore Button 

Shows deposits of ore that can be mined (see details on Mine). Ore is 
only detected within a small range of buildings, so as the colony 
expands more ore will be discovered. 


5 Fuel Button 

Identical to ore but shows fuel, (collected by Chemical Plants). 

6 Radar Button 

Shows every radar installation and its coverage. Upon examination 
this option can be used to ensure that your colony is properly covered 
by radar and that there are no gaps where enemies can slip in. Enemies 
are only shown on the map if they are within radar coverage, so if it is 
inadequate you will be susceptible to a sneak attack. Enemies are shown 
on this screen along with the positions of your own tanks and spaceships. 
Remember, there may be several enemy units just out 
of range of your radars, so be prepared. 

rv- 7 Movement Indicator Button 

'O-g-'l Similar to the radar button, this screen shows all 
friendly and enemy units, but no radar coverage. 
However, this screen shows terrain features on the map 
so the directions an enemy attack is likely to come from 



+ffl+:+:+... K 


!f : 






T ■ ■ 




■ ■hTIFVh! El^ 

can be judged. E.g. Down a narrow gap between two mountain ranges. 
Use this screen in conjunction with the radar coverage screen for best 



8 Power Button 

This shows all your Power Generation Buildings, Command Centres 
and Matter Transporters. 

9 Weapons Button 

Shows the location of all ground based weaponry, such as Missile 
Launchers, Turrets and Land Mines. 

10 Exit Button 

Return to the main screen. 

11 Key 

Under the main map is a key that explains each of the objects on the map. 
Clickingon the various buttons above the zoom window will effect what the 
colours on the map represents. 

12 Markers 

A row of eight numbers below the zoom window indicates which of the 
eight markers are available for use. The markers are used for manipulating 
tanks and for carrying out effective combat. They are covered in more 
detail later. 

Placing Markers 

Clicking anywhere in the zoom window will lay a marker there. The first 
available marker will be placed and a flashing number between 1 and 8 
will show where the markers are. Similarly, a red dot will flash on the 
map window. Clicking on a marker on the zoom window will remove 
the marker making it available for use elsewhere. 

The Marker Button (see Fig 1 [15]) 

The markers are often used in conjunction with the map 
screen, which is the reason for covering it in detail here. 
You have eight markers available to place anywhere on 
the map and they are used primarily to mark the 
destinations of sprites. 


Placing a Marker 

To place a marker on the display, click on the Marker Button. A prompt 
message instructs you to click on a square on the display where you 
wish to place the marker. Click with the left button over any square and 
a marker will appear there. The first available marker will be placed, so 
marker One will appear before Two and so on. The marker will remain 
until it is removed. 

Removing a Marker 

To remove a marker click on the Marker Button with the left button over 
the marker you want to remove. It will disappear and be available for 
use elsewhere. You can also position markers from the map screen. 

A quicker way of laying/removing markers is to position the flashing 
yellow pointer over a square and press a key from 1 to 8. This will 
position a marker there with the number pressed. Note that if the 
marker was already somewhere on the map, it will be moved to this 
new position. Similarly, you can remove a marker by positioning the 
box over the marker and pressing any key 1 to 8. 

Pressing the 'D' key will remove all markers from the map. 



Finance Button 

Clicking on this brings up the main Finance Organisation Panel. This 
shows the amount of each item that is available for trading, your current 
funds, the current rate of income tax and current Research Grant values. 
From this screen it is also possible to manipulate a number of the various 

Altering Tax 

To alter Income Tax, click over the present figure with 
the left button and type in the new value, then press the 
Return key. Valid values are 0% to 20% This value will 
not take effect until the first day of the next year, and 
when it does take effect it will last for at least a whole 
year. 2g 

Altering the Research Grant 

To alter the Research Grants, click over either figure with the left button. 
You can then enter the amount of money you wish to add to that grant. 
Note:This is a cumulative value, so if the present value was 2000, and 
3000 was entered, the new grant total will be set to 5000. If you do not 
carry out any research, the long term effect may be to the detriment of your 


The table shows various data used in trading. There are two types of 
Trading in Utopia, depending upon how interested you are. 

Autotrade is handled by the computer, once every month. If you have no 
interest in performing trade yourself the computer can do it for you. The 
computer will trade a certain percentage of your total goods every month, 
and this percentage is set in the Cmmdr Retains column which specifies 
the percentage of each trade item that you wish to retain for your own use. 
To alter these figures just click on one of them with the left button and enter 
a value between 0% and 1 00%. As you alter the percentages, the 
Tradeable Units column indicates the amount of items that the computer 
will use for trading. If this column reads then none of that particular item 
can be traded by the computer. 

The Total Units column indicates the total amount of each trade item in 
your stores. If the Retain figure is set at 1 00% it means that you want to 
keep all the units for your colony and Autotrade will trade none of them. If 
you set the Retain figure to 0% it means that you do not wish to keep any 
units and Autotrade may trade any or all of the units. Note: Remember that 
fuel, food, ore and weapons are needed by your colony so it is inadvisable 
to set the Retain figures to 0% or probably any figure under 50%. Remem- 
ber, if Autotrade trades these units then you have none left for your colony. 
Gems and Tech Goods are not used by the colony so it is safe to trade 
them all. Typically, you may set the Retain figures as follows: 

Fuel 50% 
Food 80% 
Ore 50% 
Gems 0% 
Weapons 50% 
Tech Good 0% 


J_ A "£' \_ P 


- .:. :: < m :> m 

jjjm ::;'|u- 

k: i ■ 


■ ■ ■■ - . a ^m 

■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ^H 




r ■ ■ 

^^p- |- W—mM 

Monitor this screen throughout the game to see what sort of surplus you 
can build up, which will help in your decision as to what Retain figures are 
to be set. 

Manual Trade 

The Money Button takes you to a second Information Panel con- 
cerned only with manual trade. 


You may only indulge in manual trade once per month. After that, you will 
not be able to access this second Information Panel until the next month. 
Note that in a month where you perform manual trade, no Autotrade will 
take place. 

This second Information Panel is similar to the first but shows greate 
details of market trends. Avail Units shows the total number of units you 
have of each item. Price shows the current market price for each unit. 
Supply shows how many of each type of item is available for you to buy. 
Demand shows how many is requested by other planets, and thus the 
maximum number to sell. There is never a fixed supply and demand for 
any one item. Supply and demand varies every month, as does the price. 


First click on the button corresponding to the item you want to buy or sell. 
Then click on buy or sell. Assuming that there is a supply or demand for 
that item you will be asked to type in the number you want to buy or sell. 
The transaction will then take place and the table updated. 

Remember not to sell all your units of food, ore, fuel and weapons, as your 
colony will require some. If there is a shortage of a certain item then it may 
be easier to buy it usingthis Information Panel rather than construct the 
appropriate building. Remember thoughthat in the long term it is better to 
construct buildings to make the colony self sufficient. Prices may go up just 
when you are short of money, or there may be months when there 
is no food available to buy. 

Should you want your stores to make room for more 
important items, but find there is no demand for it, the 
'Dump' option can be used. Click on the button 
representing the item you want to dump, then, instead of 
chosing 'Buy' or 'Sell', click on the 'Dump' button, and 
then type in the number to dump. The items will 
disappear from your stores. 


.1 E!M **^S 


Clicking on the adviser button loads the adviser screen. Your six 
advisers are shown and waiting to report to you. Simply click with the 
eft button over the one you wish to hear a report from. Click in the large 
gap between advisers to exit this screen and return to the game. 

As you click on an adviser, two panels will appear; one giving details of the 
report from the adviser, the other giving a photo with some details about 
the person. Click anywhere with the left button to finish communicating with 
that adviser. You may hear reports from as many as you wish before 
returning to the game. The advisers available to you are as follows: 

Senior Psychiatrist: 

The Senior Psychiatric Adviser reports on the types of 
people in your colony, such as normal Colonists, 
Technicians, Medics, Scientists and Security. She 
also reports the current birth rate, and the birth and 
death totals for the last month and also the status of 
crime and the morale of the colonists. Keep an eye on 
these two reports. She also gives the Population 
Density which is the percentage of occupied Living Quarters. As long as it 
is at or below 100%, you have enough space for your colonists, but if this 
figure rises above, some of your colonists will be homeless, and their 
morale will decrease. 

Colony Administrator: 

He reports details about air, food, fuel, power and ore, 
showing how much is stored, how much was produced 
last month, and how much was used in the previous 
month and year. Make sure that your monthly usage 
figures are not greater than the production figures. If 
they are, then you are not producing enough to support 
your colony - your stored reserve will be gradually used 
up causing a severe shortage, and your colony to suffer. 
The warning lights on the main screen will tell you when 
this happens. 




Head of Research: 

He reports upon your current tech level (see Research), 
the number of laboratories and scientists you have, and 
the amount of money left in the Research Grants. Make 
sure you keep them topped up or scientific develop- 
ment will be restricted. 

Civil Engineer: 

He reports on all the buildings you have in your colony. 








Financial Consultant: 

He reports your monthly and yearly income and 
expenditure. Income is from: 

Colony Support Grant:This is given every month 

for the first few years to help you get the new 

colony off to a good start. 

Trade: Profit you have made from selling surplus 


Income Tax: The tax you earn from your people. 

Supreme Commander: 

He details how many of each type of tank and 
spaceship you own and on whether they are on the 
map or attacking an enemy city. He reports on how 
many ground-based weapons you have available, and 
also gives information on how many 
of your own and enemy forces have 

been destroyed in the game so far - an indication of 

how effective you are in combat. 

You can also access the adviser Information Panels 
without entering the Advisers Screen, by clicking on the 
function keys from F1 to F6. 


vf> tcP ^"* 

V 'f 1 ft 

II ^ jr V 

■_ _^r i j_ 

.E-TjTi" Jfvrr 

1 3 U^^m m _m _i^H 


Click on this to get an Information Panel detailing your various 

Tech indicates the current number of Technicians working in any 
particular industry. Max Tech indicates the maximum number that 
can work in a particular industry. This is usually ten technicians for 
every industry building. 

Reqd Tech is where you can specify the number of technicians 
required in each industry (see below). 

Vac is the number of vacancies for each industry. This figure is 
basically the number of required technicians minus the current number 
of technicians. 

Month Prod summarises the production of each industry during the 
last month. Note that the last three industries have no product. 

The more technicians employed in an industry, the more items will be 
produced each month. However, the more technicians you have, the less 
colonists are available for other tasks such as the construction of build- 
ings. If you have too many technicians, they may produce too great a 
surplus and your stores will quickly fill up. At the end of every month, all 
output from each industry goes direct to your Stores, or in the case of a 
Chemical Plant, to your Fuel Tanks. Tanks produced in a Tank Yard will 
appear next to the Tank Yard. Ships produced in a Ship Yard will appear 
on a neighbouring launchpad. 

Recruiting Technicians 

To recruit technicians, click with the left button over one 
of the Reqd Tech figures. Type in a new value. Over a 
period of several months, available colonists will apply 
for and fill the vacancies, causing the current number of 
technicians to rise and the vacancies to fall. Once the 
current number of technicians reaches the required 
number, no further recruitment will be carried out. You 
are, however, able to set the required number higher 



than the maximum allowed, and in this way plan for future growth. 
Recruitment will stop when current technician levels reach the maximum, 
but if another industry building is constructed, the maximum technicians 
will increase and recruitment will start again. 

Recruiting allocates more colonists to industries with the largest number of 
vacancies. In other words, vacancies are filled on a pro rata basis. To force 
quicker recruitment into a particular industry, set the vacancies artificially 
higher than is required. Note: you can reduce the amount in any industry 
simply by lowering the Required Technician figure or setting it to 0. The 
surplus will be immediately sacked to become normal colonists. 


Alien Races 

Simulating the activities of a space colony is fun, but it is more exciting if 
there are other aliens intent on ultimately controlling the whole of the planet 
surface. In Utopia, there are ten such races, all stored on the Scenarios 


Clicking on the Spy Button on the main screen takes you into the 
Spy Information Panel. There are four levels of spying, and in each 
instance the following message will be presented: 

Insufficient funds for spying 

No spying will take place unless the amount of money currently 
available in the form of the Intelligence Grant is increased. 

Low level surveillance 

A minimal amount of spying will be carried out, but the Information 

provided will be a mix of basic facts and 


Normal intelligence activity 

A good level and regular supply of fairly reliable 
Information will be supplied. 


Special operatives in Use 

The best agents will be used in the field to carry out dangerous 
infiltration missions, and the level and quality of Information will be 
the best available. 

In general, it can be assumed that the higher the level, the more informa- 
tion your spies will obtain about the enemy's city, tech level and offensive 
forces, and the more warning you will be given about an imminent attack. 

To put money into the Intelligence Grant, click on the existing grant figure 
and enter the amount you want to add to the grant from the keyboard. This 
grant is also accumulative. 

Spies are sent into the field automatically- simply provide the funds, and 
the computer controls the rest. This fund will be used up by the spies over 
time, at a rate dependant upon the level of spy activity. The higher the spy 
level, the quicker the funds will be used up. Keep an eye on this figure, 
because if it falls to zero, no spying will take place until further funds are 
allocated. The standard procedure is that one operative will set up base 
some distance from the enemy city, and from there will correlate the 
activities of the field agents, and send messages back to the colony based 
on the information passed onto them. 

The main window of the spy panel will show the latest spy report (if any). 
You can cycle back through previous spy reports by clicking on the button 
next to the Exit button. As you cycle through, the reports become more 

Some spy reports will come with illustrations that the spies have managed 
to obtain. If there is such an illustration it will appear in the box beside the 

Clicking on the Exit button will return you to the main game. 

■"k '-jji W^ it B I 



The main reason for wanting to carry out spying is to know when the 
inevitable attack on your city will occur, what type of weaponry the enemy 
will use, and how best to be prepared for the assault. You can be sure that 
the assault will happen at some point, and here we present a guide on how 
to defend your city, and how to counter attack. Of course, you could 
counter-attack before they attack you.... 


You have four methods of attack at your disposal, which are tanks, 
spaceships, laser turrets and missile launchers. There is an optional fifth, 
Land Mines, but they are only available when they have been invented. 
We will cover tanks and spaceships in detail later, but first, some general 

Laser Turrets and Missile Launchers are fixed in position on the map, so 
think carefully where you locate them. Missiles have a limited range so 
need to be near the edge of your colony, but they also need to be pro- 
tected. Laser Turrets are best built where they can cover a wide area 
without obstacles. For best effects, circle your colony with them to cover all 
approaches. For more details on Laser Turrets and Missile Launchers, see 
Chapter Three:Buildings. 

Tanks and spaceships will automatically fire upon enemies within two or 
three squares of them. For the best effect, scatter tanks throughout to act 
as sentries. Keep up reserves on the edge of your colony ready to deploy 
to any part of the map, to counter an enemy attack. Spaceships have the 
advantage of being able to fly over any obstacles, and unlike tanks they 
also possess several weapons which enables them to cause more damage 
when they attack. For greatest flexibility, keep stocks of tanks and 

Deploying Tank Units 

Whilst your colony develops, you will presumably have 
been allowing for the inevitable attack, which invariably 
means having a number of tanks and spaceships on 
hand to spring to the defence of the colony. Victory, 
however, is not just a matter of having more and better 


arnaments than your enemy, but is also dependant upon the effective 
deployment of the ships. All craft will automatically attack an enemy craft 
once it is within about four squares of it so your priority is to manoeuvre 
tanks and ships into an area where they can carry out combat. 

Fig 3 

Deploying Tank Units 

The first step is to click on one of your tanks with the right mouse button. 
An Information Panel appears giving details of the tank you have selected, 
and also the number of tanks owned altogether. If the message 'No 
Markers available' appears, then there are no markers on the map and this 
tank cannot be given orders. If one or more markers have been positioned 
on the map, they will appear in the Information Panel. You can order a tank 
in three ways: 

To send the chosen tank to a marker click on the marker icon in the 
Information Panel. A message will confirm your action, for example, 
'Sending tank to marker x'. Simply click on Exit and the tank will begin 
moving to the chosen marker (See Figure 3). 

To send several tanks to a marker click on the marker 

Icon, as above, but when the new screen appears, click on 

either of the two buttons next to the Exit button. You will be 

asked to type in the number of tanks you want to send. 

Once you have done this, click on Exit and 

several tanks will begin moving to the chosen marker. 

The two buttons are very similar in action but distinctly 
different. The one illustrated with a small flag will send 
several tanks nearest to the marker. Thus, if you enter 
five, the five tanks nearest to the chosen marker will 


travel towards that marker. The one with a tank will send several tanks 
nearest to the selected tank to the marker. Thus, if you enter five, the 
chosen tank and the four tanks nearest to it will be sent towards the 
chosen marker. Experiment with these modes and you will find cases when 
each one is the more useful. 

The last button is used to stop (0) a tank when it is moving. Tanks will 
normally only stop when they cannot negotiate an obstacle or have 
reached their destination. You can stop them at any time by clicking this 
button. To make the tank move again, you must program in a new 

Deploying Spaceships 




i 'iXj 'iXj 'iXj 'iX, 










1 'ffx 'ffx ffx ffi 



fflffljffi "Jfiflr^i 

ffffffrf/rt/fiW p " 




, fjf fjf (jf (■! 

^^^^^^y ■ ■ ■ ■ 









i 'iXj 'iXj u 'iXj 









Fig 4 

Deploying Space- 

Selecting a spaceship brings up an Information Panel. The type of ship is 
given as well as details such as fuel remaining and hit 
points. Below, its current mode (orders) is given. Like the 
tank Information Panel, one or more marker icons may 
be shown. 

To send a ship to a marker, click on the marker icon and 
a message will confirm your action. The ship's Mode will 
change to either 'Flight - land upon arrival' or 'Flight - 


f> v jp.i. 

hover upon arrival'. Click on Exit and the ship will now fly to the chosen 
marker. Upon arrival it will land or hover depending upon the current mode. 

You can alter the mode to 'Hover upon arrival' by clicking the Hover button 
when the Mode is 'Flight - Land upon arrival', and vice versa. 

Landing a ship 

To land a ship when in flight or hovering, simply click on the Land 

button until the mode becomes Landed. If the mode was 'Flight - 
Hover on arrival' you will have to click Land twice. When you now click Exit, 
the ship will stop and land. If the ship can not I and, because there is 
building, sprite or terrain feature in the way, it will automatically go into 
hover mode. 

To make a ship hover click on the Hover button until the mode 


Hovering. If the mode was 'Flight - Land on arrival', you will have to 
click Hover twice. When you now click Exit, the ship will hover without 
moving. If it was previously landed, it will take off and hover. 

Ml Building a Launchpad 

LJJ The last button is Build Launchpad which enables an Explorer ship to 

have the option of building a launchpad. To do this however, it must 
be landed. When you select Build Launchpad, the ship will take off and 
scaffolding will appear on the ground below it. If it is not possible to build 
the launchpad due to obstructions, the ship will abort and simply land 
again. Otherwise, it will remain hovering until the launchpad is built and will 
then automatically land upon it. 

Fuel Usage 

Once a ship has been built it will not contain any fuel unless there are fuel 
tanks nearby. If a ship is built and there are no fuel tanks around the 
launchpad a fuel tank will have to be built before you can fly the ship. But 

remember, fuel tanks can only be filled if there is a 
chemical plant in the vicinity. Ships use up fuel perform- 
ing the following actions: landing, taking off, flying and 
hovering. If possible, land a ship when not in use in 
order to preserve fuel. You can refuel a ship by 
landing it on a launchpad, but only if it is within 
eight squares of a Fuel Tank. The ship will automati- 
cally refuel, attempting to fill its entire tanks if there is 


sufficient fuel available. Tanks never use fuel. 

Attacking An Enemy City 

Defence is only half of the combat, and although you will never see the 
enemy city except in the spy reports, you can attack it, and send your craft 
to destroy it. 

Once your spies report the location of the enemy city, you can opt to send 
tanks and spaceships to attack it. This is your chance to damage their city 
and stunt their development, or even totally destroy them once and for all. 
When your forces are sent to attack the enemy city, they are removed from 
the map and therefore can play no part in defending your own colony. The 
actual attack upon the enemy city is handled by the computer. Reports 
may be received about its progress from your spies, via the Spy Informa- 
tion Panel, and the the strength of your forces at the enemy city can be 
seen by looking at the Supreme Commander Adviser. An option to send 
reinforcements is available at any time. 

rthn I To send a spaceship to the enemy city, access the ship in the 

iDll | normal way, then click on the Alien City Button. When you exit the 
sprite Information Panel, the spaceship will fly off the map towards 
the enemy city and automatically attack upon arrival. 

To send one or more tanks, access the tank in the normal way, then click 
on the Alien City Button. You will be prompted for the number of tanks to 
be sent, and those nearest the tank clicked on will be sent to the enemy 
city and automatically attack on arrival. 




Clicking the Disk Button on the main screen takes you into the disk 
option screen and from here, you can load and save games as well 
as load new scenarios. 

Fig 6 

Disk Options 

At the bottom of the screen is a message panel used for instruction. Above 
that is a listing window which can hold the names of the ten save areas on 
your disk, or the ten scenarios on the scenario disk. 

There are six control buttons: 

1 Exit 

This button returns you to the game. 

2 Music 

This button turns audio on or off in the game. 

3 Format Game Save Disk 

Before unfinished games can be saved, a blank 
disk must be formatted. Insert a blank disk in the 
internal drive and click on Format. You will be reminded 
that if you continue the Format process, all data on the 
disk will be destroyed. Either press Return to continue 
the Format or click the mouse button to abort. After you 


press Return there will be a short delay and then the disk will be ready for 

4 Save Game 

Insert the formatted game save disk in the internal drive and click the 
left mouse button. 

The listing window will display the names of any games already saved on 
the disk. An entry named Empty indicates that nothing has been saved 
there yet. There are ten save slots. Click on the slot in the listing window 
you want to save the current game into. You then have the choice of 
naming the saved game or accepting the computer's generated name. By 
default, the computer will name the game with the current colony date, 
(e.g. '05/07/2092'.) Simply click the left mouse button to accept this name, 
or press Return if you want to enter your own name. If you choose a title of 
your own, a cursor will appear in the listing window. Type in your name (up 
to sixteen characters) and press Return. (You may delete characters by 
pressing Backspace.) The game will now be saved onto the disk in the slot 
you have selected. 

5 Load game 

To restore and continue playing a game you have previously saved, 
click on Load Game. Insert your game save disk in the internal drive 
and click the left mouse button. The listing window will display the 
names of any saved games on the disk. Slots marked as Empty are exactly 
that. Click on the slot containing the name of the saved game you wish 
to load. It will then be loaded, and when Exit is clicked, the game can be 

6 Load Scenario 

To load a different scenario, click on Load Scenario. Insert a 
scenario disk in the internal drive and click the left mouse button. 

The listing window will display the names of the scenarios on that disk. 

Click on the slot containing the name of the scenario you wish to load. 

When you click Exit, you will now be playing this 


7 Tutorial 

See Quick Start Guide for futher details. 



8 Music Disk Option 

While playing Utopia there is the option to play background music 
and sound effects. Alternatively you can de-select either i.e. you 
can play music with or without sound effects, or turn both off. Please note 
that unless you have expansion memory you will not have the music 
option, you can only play the sound effects. 

To select a piece of music while playing Utopia click on the Select Music 
button. The listing window (10) will display the tunes available. Click on the 
slot containing the name of the tune you wish to load. The tune you have 
selected will then load and commence playing. To return to the game click 
on the Exit button. 

9 Sound FX On/Off 

This button turns the sound FX on or off in the game. 



Your scientific level is rated on a scale of one to ten, called Tech Level. 
The game begins at Tech level one, and will progress up levels as scientific 
research is carried out. The three factors needed for research are: 


Recruit using the Industry Information Panel. 


Construct them by using the Build button on the main screen. 


Set the two grant figures in the finance organisation panel by clicking 
Finance on the main screen. Scientific research will actually occur if 
you provide no money at all, but it will be painfully slow. 
For best results, recruit as many scientists as you are 
able to and put as much money into the two Research 
Grants as you can afford. Also, as the grant totals get 
lower over time, remember to deposit more money so 
that research is not interrupted. 

You will be told when the tech level is advanced and 


also of any inventions that are made and how they can be imple- 
mented. It is impossible to go down tech levels, so once an invention is 
made, the benefits of it are reaped for the entire game. The two grants 
are used for different aspects of Research: 

Military Grant 

Most research draws from this fund, striving for the development of 
new weaponry or better defence systems to deter enemy attacks. 

Civilian Grant 

Non-military research draws from this grant, resulting in inventions that 
serve no purpose in war but assist nonetheless. All research into 
environment sciences is also made using the Civilian Grant. It is 
therefore vital to supply a Civilian Grant as well as a Military Grant, to 
enable your scientists to invent new ways of making the industrial 
environment friendly, and thus improve the Quality of Life figure. 

Random Events 

Several events may occur during the game that have nothing to do with the 
enemy, and which can either help or hinder. Normally, a message will be 
received to inform you of what is going on, or the 'Go to Event' warning 
button will flash. Clicking on this will take you to the scene of the event in 
order for the situation to be assessed. Clicking on it again will return you to 
your previous location. All the events are self explanatory, but we leave 
you to discover their effects for yourselves. 


It is in your interest to keep crime down. Crime, however, will increase as 
the population rises and as the morale and quality of life of the colonists 
deteriorates. See Security HQ for the way in which a Security team can be 
set up to seek and arrest criminals. Crime tends to follow these patterns: 

Theft - Crime cartels operate within your colony. The people decide 
that you are not giving them a good deal so they 
band together in teams and hack into your colony 
financial computers. Be prepared to see crucial 
colony funds disappearing. 

Murders - More serious. Expect to see regular 
deaths in and around your colony. Such murders 
lower the people's morale rapidly. 


Terrorism - Expect to receive bomb threats from terrorists if the 
management of the colony proves unsatisfactory to the people. 
Terrorists are without mercy and will simply destroy colony buildings 
with no apparent reason in order to voice their protest. More security 
men should be recruited if you suffer such attacks and it is crucial that 
the running of the colony is effectively improved. 

Assassinations ■ This is your final hint that it is time you retired - the 
colonists will employ an off-world assassin to murder you. You may 
receive warnings or you may not . 


The scenario disk comes with ten different scenarios to play. The scenarios 
can be played in any order by accessing the disk options screen (see Disk 
Button), but it is advised that they are played in the position set as they are 
in order of increasing difficulty. In each scenario a colony is commanded on 
a different planet. Each planet is home to a different alien race which, like 
you is not indigenous, but is aiming to establish a colony on the planet. In 
turn, each alien employs different tactics to attack the colony; some use 
primarily air-based weaponry, others land-based, whilst others employ a 
mixture of both. The game you are playing can be saved at any time, to 
continue later, again by accessing the disk options screen. You can use 
the same screen to load the further expansion disks that Gremlin will issue 
in the next few months. 

Colony Simulation 

This section gives an insight into the simulation involved. The exact rules 
are not given, but these notes should assist you in gaining more of an 
understanding of the game. It outlines background information only and 
can be completely ignored without having an adverse affect on your 
playing ability. 

Free Colonists are available to do any type of job, and 
each month, free colonists may be recruited to perform 
the following tasks, in order of priority: 

Colony Support 

Colonists are taken to work in the Hydroponic domes, 
Power Stations and Life Support to ensure an 
adequate supply of food, power and air. 



Colonists are employed to work on any constructions that have been 
ordered to be built. 


A certain number of Colonists are recruited to fill vacancies in industry, 
but if too many buildings are constructed at any one time, not only will 
all the free colonists be used up, but industrial vacancies will not be 

The number of deaths each month depends upon the number of enemy 
attacks and the level of supplies of food and air. If there is a shortage of 
either, the death rate will rise dramatically. However, it can be lowered by 
building Hospitals and recruiting medics. Statistics can be obtained 
regarding the number of each type of colonists and the birth and death rate 
from the Senior Psychiatric Adviser. 

The morale of your colonists is very important to the simulation, and is 
affected by numerous factors, many of which also effect Quality of Life. In 
particular, crime is very influential upon lowering morale. The Senior 
Psychiatric Adviser gives an indication of the colonists' morale. 

Trouble Shooting Guide 

This section can be used to rectify problems which may 
arise and will enable the colony to regain a better equilibrium. 

Q: You have tried to construct a building on the map but are 
unable to. 





You are trying to build on top of another building. 

You are trying to build on top of a sprite. 

You are trying to build on wreckage or a terrain 


You do not have enough money to build it. Try 


You do not have enough colonists available to 

build it. Try later. 

The colonists are at a sports event or are on 









Information cannot be obtained by clicking 
on buildings. 

You must be in information mode. Click the right mouse button. 
The game is paused. Unpause it. 

You cannot perform manual trade. 

You have already performed manual trade this month. 
Trading computers are inoperative. Wait for them to be fixed. 
You have no active Command Centre. 

Too many colonists are dying. 

The colony birth rate is set too low. Change it to a higher level by 

clicking on a hospital. 

You have insufficient food or air. Check to see if the main screen 

warning lights are 

flashing. Build Hydroponics to produce more food, and Life 

Supports to produce more air. 

If your population is large (perhaps several hundred or more), you 

may need to build more than one Hospital. Multiple Hospitals lower 

the death rate, but remember to recruit enough medics. 

Your colony is overcrowded. Check with the Senior Psychiatric 

Adviser to find out what the Population Density is. If it is 100 or 

more, build more Living Quarters. 

Colonists are being murdered. Check with the Senior Psychiatric 

Adviser to find out what the crime rate is. If it is too high, build 

Security HQ's. 

People are dying from a virus. They will eventually recover, but 

more quickly if there are one or more Hospitals and plenty of 


Industrial vacancies do not seem to be filling. 

All colonists are being used in construction. Try 


There are too many vacancies but not enough 

colonists. The vacancies will be filled eventually, 

but it may take time. 





No tanks are being built. 

Ensure you have plenty of weapons and ore units in your Stores. If 

you do not, then either use trade to purchase some or build mines 

and Armament Laboratories, remembering to recruit technicians for 


Ensure your Tank Yards have a neighbouring free space for the 

tank to appear into. 

Ensure you have an active Command Centre. 

Recruit more technicians into the Tank Yards. 

You have insufficient power. (The Power warning light on the main 

screen will be flashing.) Produce more power by building Solar 

Panels or Power Stations. 

Q: No spaceships are being built. 

A: Check all the points given above for help with constructing tanks. 

All factors above apply to spaceship construction too. 
A: Ensure your Ship Yards have a neighbouring launchpad for the 

spaceship to appear into. 
A: Check that you have instructed the Ship Yard to build a ship. Click 

on the Ship Yard with the right mouse button and it should confirm 

that one is under construction. If not, follow the instructions in the 

manual for constructing spaceships. 

Q: You cannot get a tank to move. 

A: See the section in the manual on using markers. First, place a 

marker then select the tank with the right mouse button, making 
sure your tank has a possible route to the marker. If the route is 
exceptionally complicated the tank may fail to get to its destination. 

Q: Your Mines and/or Chemical Plants do not seem to be 
producing much Ore/Fuel. 


Recruit technicians to work in them. Use the 
Industry Information Panel. 
Use the Map Screen to check that they are built 
on squares with Ore/Fuel deposits. If you cannot 
see any, then make an effort to explore more of 
the planet in order to discover deposits. 


A: Your Stores/Fuel Tanks are full. Build more. 

Q: Spaceships are running out of fuel and crashing. 

A: Ships are automatically refuelled whenever they land upon a 

launchpad, providing you have enough fuel stored in Fuel Tanks. 

Make sure you land spaceships on launchpads regularly, so that 

they refuel. 
A: For ships to refuel, a Fuel Tank must be within a few squares of 

the launchpad. Make sure that Fuel Tanks are not built too far 

A: Your Fuel Tanks are empty. Construct Chemical Plants or 

purchase fuel using trade. 
A: Always try to land a ship (not necessarily on a launchpad) when 

not in use to conserve fuel. Hovering in the air uses up fuel. 

Q: The crime rate is high. 

A: Construct more Security HQ's and recruit Security men to work in 

them. This will lower the crime rate but it may take a couple of 

A: Raise the Quality of Life and Morale of your colonists. Read the 

appropriate sections in the manual to see how this can be done. 

Q: No research seems to be taking place. 

A: Build more Laboratories and recruit Scientists. 

A: Put more money into Research Grants, using the finance organisa 

tion panel, but rembember to keep topping up the grants as they 

are depleted. 
A: Research takes time. The Head of Research Adviser will hint when 

you are close to obtaining an invention. 

Q: You keep being told to build more stores. 

A: As your colony increases there will obviously be a 
need for more stores but those you have may be 
used inefficiently, so if you have a large surplus of 
an unused item, it should be traded. 

A: There is a surplus of a particular item but no 
demand for it when you try to sell it, the Dump 
button in the trade Information Panel can be used 


to destroy the items and free up your stores. No money for these 
items will be received,of course. 

Quality of Life 

The Quality of Life is affected by many factors, too numerous to mention 
here. The following list, however, will provide you with an idea of some of 
the factors that will alter the Quality of Life. 

Crime: Obviously, the lower the crime rate, the higher the 
perceived Quality of Life willbe. 

Morale: Aim to keep your people satisfied with enough air, food, 
power, living space and so on. Also hold regular sporting events to 
keep them entertained. 

Battles: Winning battles or defeating an enemy attack will raise the 
morale of the people. Conversely, if the enemy manages to repel 
an attack, or even destroys sections of the city, the morale of the 
people will fall, thus affecting the Quality of Life. 

Tech Level: As scientific knowledge is increased, devices will be 
created to make life easier and safer for the colonists. 

Colony Size: In a well organised and established colony, there will 
be a feeling of greater security. 

Population: The larger the population the easier and more 
interesting life is, as the work load can be shared and the people 
can interact socially on a larger scale. 

Deaths: A low death rate along with controlled births leads to 
feelings of personal well being and security. 

Taxes: Keep taxes as low as possible and the 
people will be grateful. 

Colony Layout:Try to keep an ordered colony, 
and clear away any wreckage. 

Environment: As industry expands and you 
embark on large construction projects, pollution 


of the environment will become a 
Civilian Research Grant which will be used 
of removing this waste thereby making your 
more environmentally friendly. 

problem. Invest in the 

to develop means 


As the tech levels are increased, new devices will be invented. When this 
happens an Information Panel will appear to describe the device. As a 
result, the graphics in the relevant section will alter, for example buildings 
will change to the new type. 

Bomb Detector 

An invention of a totally new and sensitive scanning device 
has been installed throughout the colony, especially at al 
launchpads and flight terminal buildings. As a result, even 
the smallest trace of any known explosive will be detected, 
and thus any likely terrorists or enemy saboteurs will be 

Compressed Fuel Tanks 

A new way of storing fuel safely under great pressure has 
been discovered, allowing the storage of greater amounts 
in your fuel tanks. All future Fuel Tanks you build will 
employ this technique. 

Fusion Cruiser Spaceship 

A marvellous new discovery in nuclear physics has allowed 
your scientists and engineers to design a new Cruiser 
Spaceship that uses nuclear power instead of fuel. The main 
_ _ _ advantage of this is that such ships never require refuelling 
I and are easier to construct. To build one, click on the 
graphic for it in the Ship Yard Information Panel. Construct- 
ing a Fusion Cruiser still requires ore and weapons 

^3* ■ 



i : 


Fuel Detector 

A new geological sonar device has been developed with the 
capacity to scan the entire surface of the planet for under- 
ground fuel deposits. Use the fuel mode on the Map Screen 
to see all fuel deposits on the map. 

HDX Missile launcher 

The weapon technicians and chemists have devised a new 
explosive called HDX (High Devastation explosive.) which 
has proven to be considerably more effective against enemy 
armour than normal missiles. The HDX warhead has less 
mass, and so the missile has a greater range, guided by 

artificial intelligence. All future Missile Launchers that are built will use this 

new HDX missile. 

Hover Tank 

■a Engineers have developed a new tank to supersede older 
| tanks. From now on only these new Hover Tanks will be 

constructed. They have advanced armour and weaponry 
I and also possess the means to hover up to 5m above the 
I ground, allowing them to drive easily over moss, rocky 

terrain, ice floes, etc. 

Land Mine 

These intelligent mines can be placed all around your 
colony, and will only detonate when enemy land 
vehicles pass over them.To drop a land mine, select the 
Land Mine graphic from the Build Information Panel and 
proceed as if you were constructing any normal building. 
Mines cannot be moved once laid. 


Long Distance Radar 

The range of your radar installations has been enhanced by 
employing new greater penetration 
microwaves. All future Radars that are 

cr.-Vu'!«L Ji Duilt wi " De °f tnis tv P e ancl are re P re_ 
ffi^ffeVy^ - I sented by a different graphic. Use the 

Radar Mode in the Map Screen to see the area of effect 

of these new radars. Note: the Radar building in the 

Build Information Panel will now change to a Long 

Distance Radar graphic. 


Matter Transporter 

An incredible new discovery paves the way for future 
matter transportation instantaneously between two 
points. At present, only liquids can be transported. This 
building offers the facility to refuel your spaceships in flight. 
Every month, fuel is drawn directly from the Fuel Tanks in 
the colony and beamed into the tanks of your spaceships. If you possess a 
large number of spaceships, it is advisable to construct several of these 
Transporters,. which should be in the proximity of Fuel Tanks. 

Meteor Screen 

A new scanning device has been developed which can 
detect meteors on their approach to the planet from deep 
space. Once detected, a high-performance pulse laser is 
able to destroy the meteors harmlessly whilst still 100,000 
km away. Consequently meteors will now pose no threat 
to the colony. 

Ore Detector 

A new geological scanner has been produced which has 
the capability to scan the entire surface of the planet for 
underground ore deposits. The location of all ore on the 
planet is now shown, and Mines can be positioned 
more effectively. The ore mode on the Map Screen can be 
used to see all the ore deposits on the map. 

Space Moss Convertor 

All the planets that are cleared for colonisation are covered 
by a strangely coloured space moss. It seems impervious 
to atmospheric conditions, storms and animals, and can 
even live and grow in a total vacuum. A way has been 
discovered to extract life-giving oxygen from the moss. By 
placing Space Moss Convertor buildings on it you can 
produce air for your colonists to supplement the output 
from the Life Support buildings. When invented, a new 
graphic for the SpaceMoss Convertor will appear on the 
Build Information Panel. Construct one just like any 
other building, except that it must be built on top of 
Space Moss. 


■ r ^m u m 

J—ll -I 

Er A 

Plasma Gun 

Scientists have now found a way to increase the power of 
your Laser Turrets, calling this new weapon a Plasma Gun. 
They are built and used in exactly the same way as Laser 
Turrets, but are more devastating. The Laser Turret building 
in the Build Information Panel has now changed to a 
Plasma Gun graphic. 

Morgro Hydroponics 

Research into new bio-technology has resulted in the 
discovery of more efficient means of growing food. Though 
this new biotech allows food to be grown from basic algae 
building blocks, it can be shaped and flavoured to re- 

semble any food. All future Hydroponics that are built will 
use this new Morgro design. The Hydroponics building in 
the build screen has now changed to a Morgro Hydroponics graphic. 

Solar generator 

Newly mastered superconductor technology can now be 
used to improve your Solar Panels. Each Solar Generator 
will produce twice as many MegaWatts as a normal Solar 
Panel. The Solar Panel graphic on the Build Information 
Panel has now changed to a Solar Generator graphic. You 
can no longer build normal Solar Panels. 

Spy Satellite 

A remarkable new satellite has been launched into orbit 
which can monitor the surface of the planet enabling the 
detection of enemy movements, even before the radar 
does. This is a crucial early warning device, which overrides 
the use of radar installations. All enemy units can be shown 
whenever they appear on the map, using the Map Screen. 

Tank Teleport 

A breakthrough in high energy physics 
has pioneered a means of beaming 
matter from one place to another. The 
Supreme Commander advises the 
construction of several Tank Teleports 
(select from the Build Information Panel) 


^-lv . ' ^K9HI 

PS^^^^k Pdfc'a'V 



P5j. '^h. -j r 

as a means of sending tanks immediately to the area where the enemy 
may attack. To teleport a tank, drive it onto any Tank Teleport square, click 
on the Tank Teleport with the left button whilst in information mode and an 
Information Panel will pop up indicating which of the eight markers have 
been placed on the map. Simply select the destination marker and click on 
Exit and the tank will appear immediately at that marker. 


An occupational hazard of establishing a colony on a 
remote world is that indigenous bacteria often attack our 
immune systems. Some enemy races have also been 
known to unleash a deadly strain of virus on the colony, 
=>J taking their toll on the lives of colonists and their morale. 
Medics have developed an adaptable proto-enzym that can 
seek out any new strain of virus and attack it, altering its own DNA to use 
the best means of attack. As a consequence your colonists now have 
virtually complete immunity to any future viruses. 

Copyright Notice 

©1991 Gremlin Graphics Software Limited 
©1991 Celestial Software Limited 

This manual and the information contained on the floppy disks/cassettes 
are copyrighted by Gremlin Graphics Software Limited. The owner of this 
product is entitled to use the product for his or her own use only. No one 
may transfer, give or sell any part of the manual, or the 
information contained on the floppy disks/cassettes without the prior 
permission of Gremlin Graphics Software Limited. Any person or persons 
reproducing any part of this product, in any media form, shall be guilty of 
copyright violation, and subject to civil liability at the descretion of the 
copyright holder. 



Original game concept by Graeme Ing 

Robert Crack 

Programming by Graeme Ing 

Addition game concept by Sean Kelly 

James North-Hearn 

Manual by Sean Kelly, 

Steven McKevitt 

Graphics by Berni 

Music and FX by Imagitech Design Limited 

Product testing and evaluation by Tony Dawson 

Matt Furniss 
Rob Bowman 
Anthony Casson 

Produced by Gremlin Graphics 

Software Limited 





Welcome to Utopia 

This short guide allows those anxious to experience Utopia without reading 
the accompanying in-depth Reference Manual to do so. The game has 
been designed to be played in an intuitive manner, and, with the help of 
this quick start guide, you should be able to carry out many commands and 
actions without reading the whole Reference Section. The game, however, 
has depths which could not be explained in such a brief guide. You will be 
able to get a 'feel' for the game, and will be able to build a small colony, but 
we recommend that before you begin to play the game seriously, you read 
the whole of the accompanying Reference Sectionl. It will take a while, but 
it will be time well spent. 

1 The first thing you will see is the title screen. If you do not wish to wait 
and read all the credits then press the left mouse button to skip this 

2Next you will be required to do is to select the language by clicking the 
left mouse button over the appropiate flag. 

3The next step is to enter the page number of the picture displayed. All the 
pictures for this section are located in the bottom left and right hand 
corners of the Reference Manual. Once a picture is displayed type in the 
page number and press RETURN. Do not worry if you get this wrong as it 
will ask you for another until you type the correct page number. 

Now you will be presented with an intro sequence. You 
can either watch this or press the right mouse button to 
go to the first game screen of the Quick Start Guide. 

~^i 4The next screen you will see is the Disk Options 
!?£. Screen. Your first action should be to click on 

the Tutorial Button, which is the icon with the 


mortarboard illustration. 

Wait until the disk has accessed and a prompt appears in the text window 
asking you to insert the scenario disk which comes with Utopia. Once done 
the disk will access again and the main playing screen will appear (see 
figure 1 in the manual). 

5Before we begin, a quick note on using the mouse. Ninety nine percent of 
actions are carried out by clicking the left mouse button on one of the icons 
featured on the display. Just about all the icons, also referred to as 
buttons, are presented in the panel on the right hand side of the screen. 
When you go to any sub-screen, or information panel, any new buttons 
available will be presented on this side panel. One that is always present 
is the Exit Button. In addition, some sub-screens will require keyboard 
inputs to affect certain actions, but they will be covered in more detail later. 
The best way to find your way around this system is to follow this guide, ex- 
periment with it, and try everything out for yourself later. 

60kay. You should now be in the Quick Start Scenario, and the game is 
ready to play. This will give you a chance to experiment and learn about 
the majority of game features, but without any random events such as 
meteor strikes or solar eclipses. In addition, there is no alien race, thus 
allowing you to experiment with building your colony without worrying about 
being attacked. You begin the Quick Start Scenario with approximately 
500,000 credits which should be sufficient for your immediate purposes. 

Of course, you can leave the quick start scenario at any time you wish by 
referring to point 15 below. 

7As you will see the main screen is displaying the isometric view of your 
colony. Every scenario begins with a small colony already present. The 
small initial colony will have buildings that are providing oxygen, food, 
housing and power for your colonists. It is now up to you 
to expand the size of this colony. 

Use the on screen Direction Arrows to explore the map 
and see the extent of your colony. 

8ln the top right hand corner of the screen you will see a 
red T which is indicating that you are presently in 


Information Mode. 

We will now demonstrate how Information Mode works. Move the mouse 
pointer, which becomes a yellow square on the main display, over any 
building and click with the left mouse button. Either the name of the 
building will be shown in the bottom left hand corner of the main display, or 
an information panel will appear giving more detail, depending upon which 
type of building you click on. For now, ignore the information that appears 
and click on the Exit Button just to the right of the Direction Arrows on the 
main display. We recommend that you spend a few minutes in Information 
Mode discovering more about each building. 

9Constructing new buildings is an important part of Utopia and is very easy 
to do. To demonstrate this we will now build a Hospital. The reason we 
chose a Hospital is because this will generally improve your quality of life, 
morale and serves as a method of expanding your population. 

To begin with, click on the Build Button with the left mouse button. 

An information panel will appear displaying some of the buildings 

available. Place the mouse pointer over any building and click with 
the left mouse button, and the selected building will now appear in the 
bottom right hand corner of this panel, along with the name and cost. 
There are three screens filled with different buildings, and since the 

Hospital isn not on the first, you will need to change the screen. This 

Ois done by clicking on the button illustrated with two yellow arrow at 
the right of the screen, with the left mouse button, which will now 
display some more buildings. Repeatedly clicking on this button will cycle 
you through the available buildings. Find and select the Hospital. You 
should now see the Hospital and its cost at the bottom of the panel. Now 
click on the Exit Button to return to the game. 

Notice the Hospital is displayed in the top right hand corner of the screen 
replacing the red T that was previously there. This is an indication that 
you are now in Build Mode, and that the Hospital is the building selected 

for construction. Now move the yellow square to where 
you want your Hospital to be situated in your colony and 
click with the left mouse button. You may find you are 
prompted to build closer to the colony because you are 
too far away from any power source, in this case just 
place your hospital next to another building. Scaffolding 
has now appeared and your colonists are busy con- 
structing your Hospital. Wait until your Hospital has 


been constructed, which might take a minute. In a normal game, you 
would generally use this time to perform other actions. For the moment, 
ignore any messages that appear in the Message Window. 

10When the Hospital has been constructed, you will need to employ 
some colonists to work as technicians in the Hospital. To do this 
click on the Industry Button with the left mouse button. The Industry 
Information Panel will now be displayed. 

Look at the Hospital row, and then the first column, which is entitled Tech'. 
You will notice that there is a zero, which means that there are no 
technicians currently employed. You will want to recruit around ten 
technicians to work in the Hospital, which is done by clicking over the 
number in the second column entitled Reqd. Techs', which represents 
the number of technicians you require for a particular industry. Now type in 
10 on the keyboard and press RETURN/ENTER. This figure will be the 
number required for all of your Hospitals, and so should be updated when 
you require more staff at your Hospitals. 

You will need to use this process throughout Utopia in order to recruit 
technicians for your various industries, but remember there are only so 
many colonists, and the more technicians you recruit, the fewer colonists 
you will have for other tasks, for example constructing buildings. 


The ten technicans you have asked for will start work in the Hospital 
as soon as they are recruited. Click on the Exit Button to return to the 
main game screen. Return to Information Mode by clicking the right 

mouse button. Notice that the red T reappears in the top right hand corner 

of the screen. 

t I 1 1 Demolishing buildings is easier than constructing them, and as an 
%■■□ example we will now demolish a solar panel. Locate a solar panel 
using the methods previously described in point 8. Now click on the 
Demolish Button . Notice a demolish truck has ap- 
peared in place of the red T to indicate you are now in 
Demolish Mode. Click over a solar panel with the left 
mouse button, your solar panel has now been demol- 
ished, and a pile of wreckage will be left. To clear the 
wreckage click on it with the left mouse button. Click on 
the right mouse button to return to Information Mode 
(see point 8). 


I jjjl 12We will briefly show you the Finance Organisation Panel. Click on 
l^*l the Finance Button to display this panel. There are many options 

that can be performed from this panel, but for a complete explanation 
please read Chapter 6 of the Reference Manual, entitled 'Finance'. For 
now, click on the Exit Button to return to the main game screen. 

13Click on the Map Button and follow on screen prompts until the 
L^xl Map Screen appears. The majority of this screen is filled with a 
}^Jr\ window which shows you the entire surface of the planet available 

for colonisation. The location of the white square in this window 
corresponds to the view displayed in the isometric window on the main 
screen. This white square can be moved anywhere in the Map Window 
simply by clicking on the Map Window with the left mouse button. The 
Magnified View Window to the right of the Map Window shows a magnified 
view of whatever is in this white square. Try moving this square around to 
see the effect it has for yourself before returning the white square back 
over your colony buildings. 

We will briefly explain the use of the eight buttons positioned in the 
top right hand corner of this screen. Click on the button labelled ORE. 
This button indicates where known ore deposits are on the Map 
Window. Notice there is a small deposit to the south of your colony. 
Click on the button labelled FL, which shows known fuel deposits 
(currently no fuel deposits have been discovered). Next, click on the 
Building Button. This button shows you where all your buildings are 
on the Map Window. 

n^l Next, click on the Radar Button. This button shows you the coverage 
EiU of your radar installations. Now click on the Movement Indicator 
!_ . Button, which will show you where your tanks and spaceships are on 
ISl tne Ma P Window (there are none displayed, as you have no tanks or 
spaceships at present). 

g^| Following this, click on the Power Display Button. 
!=l This will display the location of your power genera- 

Btion buildings. Next, click on the Weapons Button, 
which displays the location of your ground base 
weaponry, although there are none displayed as 
you have no ground based weapons at the moment. 
Read Chapter 5 of the Reference Manual for further 
information on the Map Screen. Click on the Exit Button 


to return to the game. 

I/VI Click on the Advisers Button , and the adviser screen will now load. 
Ql You have six advisers, each available to report on a particular aspect 
of your colony. To hear an adviser's report click on the adviser you wish to 
hear from with the left mouse button. Once you have finished the report, 
click the left mouse button again to return to the Main Adviser Screen. 
Take a few minutes to browse through the advisers to familiarise yourself 
with the information they can provide. Much of the information is self 
explanatory, but Chapter 7 of the Reference Manual provides more detail. 
To return to the game click anywhere in the centre of the screen, but away 
from the advisers. 

14The Markers Button and the Spying Button are used in combat and 
therefore will not be explained in this quick start guide (Please read 

the section in the Reference Manual entitled 'Markers Button' in Chapter 5 

and Chapter 9 entitled 'Aliens Races and Spying'). 

We recommend that you spend at least 15 minutes experimenting with the 
features we have described, especially constructing buildings and recruit- 
ing technicians, and refer to the Reference Manual when necessary. 
Once you are familiar with the basics of buildingand managing your colony 
you will find the advanced features and options much easier to learn. 

15When you feel confident enough to play a real scenario, follow 
these steps to load the first and easiest scenario. Select the Disk 
Button on the main screen and wait whilst the Disk Option Screen 
appears. Click on the Load Scenario Button. You will now be 
prompted to insert the scenario disk, and to click the left mouse 
button. A list of the ten scenarios is now displayed. Move the mouse 
pointer so that the highlighted bar is at the top of the list over 

the scenario entitled The Eldorians'. Click the left mouse button and the 
scenario will load. Once it has done so, click on the Exit Button to begin 
playing the scenario. 

You are now playing the game with all the features 
active, including enemy attacks and random events, so 
before doing this we advise at least an examination of 
the chapters dealing with combat and spying. As you will 
see, the map and colony are the same as the ones used 
in the quick start guide you have just experimented with. 


1 6 Keyboard Controls 

The following list contains all the keys which are used in the game. 



Senior Psychatrist 
Colony Admistrator 
Finance Consultant 


Civil Engineer 
Head Of Research 


Supreme Commander 


Remove all markers 




Place markers 

© 1991 Gremlin Graphics Software Limited/Celestial Software 



Playing Utopia from floppy disks 

1 . Insert Game Disk One into the current disk drive. 

2. Type 'Utopia' 

3. The game will now load automatically. Follow any on screen prompts for 
further instructions. 

Installing Utopia onto a hard drive 

1 . Insert Game Disk One into the current disk drive. 

2. Type 'Install (Source Drive) (Destination Drive)'. For example, if you 
were installing from drive A onto Drive C, you would type 'Install A C' 

3. The Game will now install itself auto matically. Follow any on screen 
prompts for further instructions. 

When Utopia installs itself onto your hard drive, it will create a directory 
called Utopia. In order to play Utopia from the hard drive, you should do the 

1 . Type 'CD Utopia' 

2. Type 'Utopia' 

The game will now load automatically 

Saving a Game 

To save a game, follow the instructions in the Reference section. The 
game will be saved to the current drive. If you are playing from floppy disk, 
you will be asked to insert a formatted disk. If you are playing from hard 
drive , the game will be saved within the Utopia directory. 

Alteration to PC version of Utopia. 

On Page 39 of this manual, The Control Button 3, 
Format Game Save Disk has been replaced with a 
Joystick selection key. This has two consequences: 


1 . If you wish to save a game to floppy disk, you must format a disk before 
you begin playing Utopia. 

2. There is now a joystick option. If you wish to use a joystick, then click on 
this new option and follow the on-screen instructions to calibrate your 
joystick. In addition the Return Key and Space Bar behave as indicated 

Keyboard Controls 

Utopia PC can be played from keyboard using the following keys 

Cursor Up 
Cursor Down 
Cursor Left 
Cursor Right 
Space Bar 

Moves Pointer Up 

Moves Pointer Down 

Moves Pointer Left 

Moves Pointer Right 

Emulates Right Mouse Button 

Emulates Left Mouse Button 


Cycles pointer round three different points on the 

screen. This allows you to move to some areas of 

the screen much faster.